Travel Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

Travel Insurance

Whether traveling nationally or internationally one must wonder if purchasing travel insurance is always necessary?¬† Does it really create that much of a value for you and your family that you would be willing to spend the money–even for a short trip?

I mean, what is the likelihood of you having:

  1. a hijacking
  2. an injury that requires overnight stay at a hospital, ambulance costs or medical evacuation?
  3. to cancel the trip
  4. lost luggage (okay…maybe this one)
  5. rental vehicle insurance excess (this is cool)
  6. unexpected travel delay (okay this could happen)
  7. trip disruption (that doesn’t include the hijacking…lol)
  8. personal liability
  9. loss of income
  10. accidental death
  11. total permanent disability
  12. return airfare
  13. bad weather and avalanche closure

and other things like that?

I started out thinking it might not be a necessity, in fact, I’ve never used it before…shhhh. However, most of the items on the above list derived from an insurance website scared me into thinking that I might not want to make another trip without having some insurance.


  1. Reasonably priced
  2. Quote available right on website
  3. Payment available right on website
  4. Peace of mind for your luggage and personal safety and that of your family


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