Love Quest: Looking for Love in Cyberspace
Tweet A look at cyber dating from the viewpoint of a Thirty-something, African American, Christian Female. This book introduces a world outside the parameters of day-to-day life that exists unbeknownst to most. It has its own language, rules and atmosphere. It offers a freedom that can be...
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Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating
MEET DIVINE: female, thirty-seven, slaphappy, young at heart, self-employed; an online newbie, living in New York. She is fresh out of a long-term relationship and has completed the two-year mandatory wound-licking I-hate-men mourning period. Unfortunately for Divine, someone neglected to inform her that dating has been upgraded...
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Songs of Hope
In Songs of Hope, Sachel carefully discovered poetry in its purest form, manifesting poetic art into a rich harvest of colorful expressions and memorable rhymes. You can be sure that this collection of poetry will not drift away, unnoticed, into the breeze. ...
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